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NHS Evidence has had a redesign and now has integrated the content from the previous National Library for Health. The new single site has a very different look and feel with improved functionality.

The journals and databases are now accessed via www.evidence.nhs.uk/nhs-evidence-content/journals-and-databases. For an interim period you can also use www.library.nhs.uk as another access point. The actual searching has not changed.

The Specialist Collections have been replaced by topic pages which bring together different kinds of information on the same subject, such as this one on bipolar disorder. The search engine also features new functionality.

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) has also launched NICE Pathways. An online tool for health and social care professionals, NICE Pathways brings together all connected NICE guidance on a topic in a user-friendly electronic flowchart.

Previously there has been no easy way to see at a glance everything NICE has said on a specific condition, across all its separate published guidance. NICE Pathways will allow users to quickly view and navigate NICE guidance and other tools on any given topic across an entire care pathway.

If you require any help finding the journals or databases or would like some training please do contact us.

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