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Library Website and SWIMS Library Catalogue

What is available at the Library Website?

There are links where you can:

What is the SWIMS Library Catalogue?
'SWIMS' is a database of library resources (e.g. book and journal titles) shared by all NHS libraries across the South and West of England.  It is available over the internet from anywhere! Go to: 

How can the SWIMS Library Catalogue help me?

You can:

*Requires a SWIMS Library Account 

How do I create an account for the SWIMS Library Catalogue?

  1. First, you must be a library member before you can create an account (for membership eligibility, see Joining the Library)
  2. Go to the SWIMS library catalogue:
  3. At the blue menu bar, click 'Login' (a pop-up box appears)
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions and remember to check your email for an activation message.  This contains a link to set a PIN for your library account.

How do I search the SWIMS Library Catalogue?

For guidance, visit our page on the catalogue here or contact us.