Library Services Survey 2011 - The Results

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Thank you to everyone who completed  the library survey in August. We had over 300 responses from staff and students all over Hampshire.

The survey focussed on interest in delivering library-related information via social networking sites. We also wanted to find out if health care staff already use such sites for work-related purposes and what kind of mobile devices they have access to.

Key themes arising from the survey

Although it’s common for healthcare staff to have a work mobile (56% of those surveyed had one), only a minority use them for accessing health websites (15%), social media (9%) or health related apps (9%). Some also commented that the phones would need to be upgraded to take advantage of social media.

There is limited appetite for the library to use social networking sites to disseminate information – 66% of respondents said they would not be interested.  However, the 15% who supported the idea were enthusiastic and two thirds of this group stated that Facebook was their preferred medium for such a service

The survey echoed some of the concerns the library had with using social networking sites including: