Copyright FAQ

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What is 'Copyright'?
Copyright legislation protects the rights of authors, illustrators, and publishers.  It allows small amounts of copying protected by copyright for specific purposes.  Copyright Licences permit additional copying, over and above what is allowed under legislation.  See links to further guidance here.

How does copyright affect the way I use documents supplied by the library?
When you receive a journal article or  book chapter, our covering message includes a statement about whether you may store it and if you may make further copies.

Can I share or make further copies of an article for my colleagues or store it on the intranet?
If we supply an article to you, our covering email states what you can or cannot do.

What happens if I want three or more articles from the same ('non-themed') journal issue?
We are only able to supply two articles from any one journal issue, so we shall ask you to proritise your choice.

How does copyright affect copies supplied to my patients and carers?
They may print a copy of the article or book chapter supplied, and share this with their family or carers.  They may not put it on a website nor share it on social media.

How does copyright affect a document I have found freely available on a website?
Most websites state copyright conditions and the extent to which copies can be made.  If you are unsure, please contact us.

What if I have further queries about copyright?
Please contact us with your enquiry.